Our Services - Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium inserts that replace tooth roots. These implants are meant to provide foundation for permanent or removable teeth that match your natural teeth. The procedure is very straightforward. The titanium bonds with the bone forming a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Posts protruding through the gums when attached to the implants provide an anchor for the artificial teeth.

Major advantages
  • Improves the appearance

    Dental implants look just like a natural set of teeth. These implants are designed to rightly fuse with the bone and therefore become permanent, which is obviously one of the major factors contributing towards further improving your appearance.

  • Comfort

    Unlike removable dentures that cause a huge amount of discomfort, dental implants became a part of your natural set of teeth and therefore add up to your comfort.

  • Comfort

    Dental implants function just like your natural set of teeth and so you can take your time chewing your most favourite food without pain.

  • Convenience

    Frequent removal and refitting of removable dentures might seem quite frustrating. However, dental implants eliminate such a need. Moreover, these implants also do not require adhesives to keep them in place.

Who can go for Dental Implants?

Anyone who is healthy enough to undergo an oral surgery can opt for dental implants. One needs to have healthy gums and enough bone. Above all, he/she must stick to a good oral hygiene and shouldn’t miss out on the dentist’s appointment.