Know Us
Clinic History

Established in 1992 , Advanced Dental Care Center has five dental chairs, OPG Unit , portable X-ray unit, portable working motors (for home visit). The clinic is spacious , spread over 2500 sq.ft.

This is the first clinic in Thane to be accredited ISO 9001-2000 (International) and Clinique 21st i.e. Clinic equipped for 21st Century, by Indian dental Association (ida) and Forum for Enhancement For Quality Healthcare (FEQH).

On 4 th April 1992, Advanced Dental Care Center started with one chair by Dr.Subodh Phadke. With the trust and confidence shown in us by patients, ADCC could add 2 more chairs to cater to increasing needs / treat increasing patients without compromising quality. Dentistry is all about reconstructing lost tooth structure in part or in toto. Since it is artistic blend of mechanical work and biological compatibility , it needs more time. Thus more number of working hands are required, this is where team work becomes the basic requisite. Team calls for need of management system to maintain the high standards of not only cleanliness, sterilization but also case discussion and treatment planning and its meticulous execution.

Thus accreditation of ISO 9001-2000 and Clinique 21st is the backbone of the management system. So adhering to these principles, in 2003 Advanced Dental Care Center became the first clinic in Thane to acquire ISO 9001-2000 certification. This encouraged in providing sound quality and system management. Feather was added in 2010 by becoming the first clinic to be accredited by Clinique 21st by the joint board of IDA( Indian dental Association) and FEQH(and Forum for Enhancement For Quality Healthcare) which means “clinic equipped for 21st century”.

Clinic Protocol

No appointment needed for consultation needed for patients:-

  • With acute (severe) pain
  • Pregnant women
  • Senior citizens

Our clinic is equipped with knowledgeable and well trained doctors and staff to handle any kind of dental emergencies.

The treatment plan of the patient is decided on the basis of clinical findings, in house advanced diagnostic aids and patient expectations and needs.

The treatment plan is discussed with patients and various options are given to choose from.

Generally , the treatment will be done by ‘Our Team’ according to the niche area of the expertise. Though Patient has right to ask for specific doctor he is comfortable with.

We aim at giving the best treatment with minimum no. of sittings.

Keeping loyalty with our Moto ‘Our family cares for yours’ we pay home visits to physically challenged, bed ridden and senior citizens.

Sterilization and infection control protocol
We Sterilize air too

We use ‘CLASS-B AUTOCLAVE’ though expensive, internationally a golden standard for sterilization.

All instruments, after washing and drying are examined and certified by one of the doctors.

Surgical instruments, cotton, gauze, canal files are placed in sealed pouches. These pouches will guarantee storage for 2 years. Every pouch is recorded for name of the maker, time, date of sterilization cycle and indicator of proper sterilization.

Instruments will go for proper storage in light chamber only after sterilization degree is counter confirmed by one of the doctors and certified.

All disposables are disposed off after single use. E.g. glass, gloves, suction tips, syringes and needles.

All disposables are disposed off after single use. E.g. glass, gloves, suction tips, syringes and needles.

All reusables are disinfected or sterilized either chemically or by heat autoclave.

Fumigation is done to keep bacterial, viral, fungal count as per international norm (<600 cmm) Count is taken from air, walls, wash basins, chair, floor, ceiling etc.