Our Services - Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that treats dental and facial irregularities. Most of the orthodontic practices are limited to general orthodontics and dento-facial orthopedics. An orthodontist is responsible for beautifying the facial elements byharmonizing the teeth and the jaws.

So, what does an orthodontist do?

Several reasons can lead to the misalignment of teeth which may further give rise to issues like speech defects, difficultychewing and inability to maintain adequate oral hygiene. Below are some of the most common issues an orthodontist issuccessfully capable of treating:


This is one of the most common problems an Orthodontist usually deals with. Lack of jawbone interrupts the growth of adultteeth. This new teeth are usually not in alignment with the existing set of teeth. The orthodontist works towards realigning the teeth using several unobtrusive devices.

Anteroposterior deviations

In some instances, the upper set of teeth is positioned much further than the lower. This problem can cause a huge amount of discomfort while articulating and chewing. It can be corrected by aopproach an orthodontist.

Aesthetic Issue

Malocclusions or a bad bite may result in the disfiguration of the face to some extent. In such a case, the orthodontist carriesout a surgery to restructure the jaw, teeth and the lips with an intention to help you get back that lost smile.